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On Demand Solutions

or Self Serve 

To Fit Your Business

Packaging Intro

Choose the right business model
that makes sense for you.

On Demand Solutions


Audiences When you need them, priced on CPMs. see examples >>


Analytics Quality insights priced per analysis.  see examples >>


Data Streams™ You need for your use case.

Self Serve


Audiences Unlimited audiences on a monthly license basis 


Analytics Powerful insights and planning for the whole organization.


Data Streams™ To scale and grow.

Managed Audiences

Reveal™ Audiences

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A la carte solutions or all you can eat through self serve access.

Reveal™ Audiences deliver instant audience segments for targeting linear, digital, CTV, OTT, and mobile campaigns on a local, regional, and national basis.

Viewership Audiences

Viewers of TV genres, networks, stations, programs, and advertisements.

Demographic Audiences

Age and gender, status, number of children, education, income, geography and more.


In-market, past purchases, preferences, political affiliation, clusters, donations, and more.

Reveal™ Custom Audiences

Unique audiences created on request, multiple audience joining or suppressing, and first-party data matching.

data connector
data connector

Advertising Analytics

Measure the performance of linear TV and cross-platform campaigns: audience reach & frequency, tune-in, attribution.

Audience Analytics

Know the make up and behavior of any target, viewing, or ad-exposed audience. 

Viewership Analytics

Viewers of specific programs, and viewers of national TV advertisements. Key demographics groups and in-market groups joined with viewing or premium viewing audiences.

Share of Voice Analytics

Measure your performance and your competitors' with  share of voice analysis.

Reveal™ Custom Analytics

Unique analysis of ads, audiences, and content created on request.

Reveal™ Analytics

On demand analysis when you need it for a campaign or project, or a powerful suite of self serve tools for use across your enterprise.

data connector
data connector
Managed Analytics

Reveal™ Premium Analytics

Empower your teams with packaged solutions customized to their goals. 

Ad Sales Bundle

A bundle of analyses that powers successful cross platform campaigns to drive new revenue, from pitch to attribution, including audience creation, inventory optimization, reach extension, measurement and attribution. 

Marketing Bundle

A suite of analyses to plan, power and measure successful marketing promotions to launch and grow your content or services, including audience targeting, optimization, cross-platform lift and tune-in analysis, and in-flight measurement.

Premium Analytics

Raw Data

We connect you directly to the source of the data you need and deliver it to your chosen destination, whether that's our self serve offerings, your own platforms, or through a DMP.

Enriched Data

Connect, append, or mingle multiple partners' data to create the right solution for your business needs and receive it at the destination of your choice. 


Access to partners' ready-to-use Data Streams™ based on your commercial agreements.

Data Feeds
data connector
data connector
data connector
data connector
Reveal Licence

Reveal™ Portfolio License

Logo Reveal Portfolio

Unlimited access to Reveal™ Portfolio products for use across your organization.

Reveal™ Audiences

Unlimited use of Reveal™ Audiences to create, activate, share, and measure audiences for any use case. 

Reveal™ Planning

Plan and optimize unlimited ad campaigns, marketing campaigns, content strategies, and competitive campaigns with shared data and insights. 

Reveal™ Activation

Ship and share your audiences with any marketplace, DSP, or partners.

Reveal™ Analytics

Power insights across your teams with advertising analysis, lift studies, tune-in analysis, micro and macro viewing trends, and audience exploration. 

data connector
data connector
Our Pricing Plans
Your Alloca
On Demand Audiences and Analytics are priced based on a CPM to allow for a la carte usage and to fit all clients' business needs.

Self Serve licenses are based on monthly access rates, can include one or more Reveal™ products and the data sets you need to drive your use case or business.
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Product Inquiry
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