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FourthWall Revolutionizes Media Analytics

Reveal Analytics disrupts the media analytics market with lightning-fast custom analytics affordable for marketers of every size.

Dulles, VA, June 5, 2023 - Today, we are proud to introduce Reveal™ Analytics: on-demand Share of Voice, Attribution, Optimization, Campaign Performance, and Audience analyses customized on a local, regional, or national basis for any advertiser, content, or audience, and available instantly after ordering online.

Cross-platform insights that drive media ROI were previously only available via expensive platform licenses or as part of large media investments and took weeks or months to deliver. Now, with Reveal™ Analytics managed services, they are available same day, can be purchased individually, and are so cost effective that even small advertisers can access the same media analytics used by national advertisers and presidential campaigns.

"Even the largest advertisers and content owners struggle with the expense and long delivery timelines of analytics,” said Patrick Peters, CMO at FourthWall. "Reveal™ Analytics' managed service is the fastest way for anyone in the media ecosystem, large or small, to access valuable insights and drive ROI. There is no way to find analytics of this quality in such an easy, cost-effective way.”

The market is demanding a fresh approach to analytics that leaves behind static canned reports, and overviews that are too delayed to be actionable. FourthWall’s unwavering goal with Reveal™ Analytics is to democratize data and insights in such a fast, affordable way that anyone with an investment in media can access them.

You can select and customize your Audience Exploration, Share of Voice, Tune In Attribution, Incremental Reach, Measurement, Campaign and Content performance analysis directly online at, and receive results within minutes or hours. Through the same portal, customers can order completely bespoke research into audience behavior, campaign performance, and media consumption.

Reveal™ Analytics is here to revolutionize the analytics game. Join us. Visit now to learn more and get started today.

About FourthWall

FourthWall is an innovator in media and advertising analytics. The company’s Reveal™ portfolio of solutions simplifies and speeds access to the most accurate media intelligence, including audience creation, optimized media planning, activation, analysis, and attribution for marketers, agencies, programmers, DSPs, SSPs and other stakeholders across the media ecosystem, FourthWall is headquartered in Dulles, VA, with offices in Florida, New York, and Texas, and can be found online at

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