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FourthWall is adding Juice to its Data to Enhance Clients' Cross-Platform Campaign Renewals.

Dulles, VA, February 27th, 2024– We are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership between FourthWall, the media data powerhouse, and Juice Analytics, the wizards of making data engaging and actionable. Together, we're streamlining cross-platform campaign data into a compelling, intuitive, and interactive narrative, that everyone can understand effortlessly and use to improve linear TV and digital advertising performances on a local, regional, or national levels.

"Our collaboration aims to simplify complex analytics, and to turn them into straightforward summaries that everyone in a decision-making position can understand," says Dale Thomas, FourthWall's chief of products and technology. "We’ve created a solution to keep ad sales teams and end clients well informed and way more efficient in making post-campaign optimization and renewal decisions. "

Juice Analytics has a proven track record of delivering exceptional analytics solutions to sectors such as healthcare, finance, and insurance. Now, they proudly embark on an exclusive partnership with FourthWall to lead their expansion into the dynamic media and advertising industry.

“Our exclusive partnership is an amazing opportunity to transform FourthWall’s unique data and world-class analytics into user-friendly and intuitive apps,” explains Zach Gemignani, Juice Analytics CEO. “To unlock the full value of media data, we need to ensure front-line decision makers can quickly understand and act on data-driven insights. This partnership will bridge the ‘Last Mile of Data’ where the critical decisions are made.”


About Juice Analytics

Juice Analytics helps technology and data companies monetize their data by creating visual analytics products for their customers. These analytics products are integrated and embedded into Juice Analytics’ client platforms and white-labeled as an extension of their solution set. Juice Analytics provides an end-to-end solution including product design and development built on a proprietary app development platform.

For almost two decades, Juice Analytics has been an industry thought leader in data visualization, data storytelling, and design of data products. Juice Analytics is headquartered in Nashville, TN and can be found online at


About FourthWall

FourthWall is an innovator in media and advertising analytics. The company’s portfolio of solutions simplifies and speeds access to media intelligence, including access to TV, digital and customer data, analysis, audience creation, activation, and cross-platform reach & attribution for marketers, agencies, programmers, DSPs, SSPs and other stakeholders across the media ecosystem, FourthWall is headquartered in Dulles, VA, with offices in Florida, New York, and Texas, and can be found online at


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