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Retarget Premium TV Viewers with FourthWall's Reveal™ Audiences.

Want to reach fans of premium TV programs, like Succession?

74% of Succession Avids tuned in to season 4 premiere
Data Source: FourthWall's Reveal™ Portfolio.

Fans of these series tend to be fiercely loyal (unlike the Roy children) but hard for marketers to reach.

Now it’s easy to target them in a CTV, digital, mobile, or linear campaign with FourthWall's Reveal™ Audiences.

FourthWall creates syndicated and custom audiences using second-by-second viewing data from every U.S. market matched to a nationwide identity spine. Reveal™ Audiences are available through multiple marketplaces, or directly at, where you can enjoy the speed, ease, and CPM pricing that works for any campaign.

These audience segments can be used to target, retarget, and measure campaigns on any platform. An optimized linear plan can be added to show you the local or national programs, networks, and day parts that index and rank highest for your target audience.

Reveal™ Audiences are now available as a managed service, delivered to you or to your favorite marketplace or DSP within 24 hours.

23% of season 4 viewers binge watched season 3 one week before the premiere
Data Source: FourthWall's Reveal™Portfolio.

Targeting and measuring a unified audience across linear, CTV, digital, and mobile, brings a whole new level of strategic and tactical capability to marketers.

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About FourthWall

FourthWall is an innovator in media and advertising analytics. The company’s Reveal™ portfolio of solutions simplifies and speeds access to media intelligence, including audience creation, optimized media planning, activation, analysis, and attribution for marketers, agencies, programmers, DSPs, SSPs and other stakeholders across the media ecosystem, FourthWall is headquartered in Dulles, VA, with offices in Florida, New York, and Texas, and can be found online at

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