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Reveal Audienc Examples

Reveal™ Analytics

Some selected examples of Reveal™ Analytics for Advertising, Audiences, Viewership, Share of Voice, and Premium. 

*Custom Analytics are on-request and can include any of the below categories.

Advertising Analytics

Linear & Cross-Platform Campaigns:

  • Reach & Frequency

  • Analytics

  • Tune-In

  • Attribution

Audience Analytics

Targeting and Analysis by:

  • Network

  • Program/ Genre

  • Daypart

  • Demographic/ Geographic

Viewership Analytics

DMA and National Analysis of:

  • Top Programs

  • Dayparts

  • Trends over Time Periods for Network Viewing

Share Of Voice

Competitive Share Analysis by:

  • Network

  • Programs

  • Advertising

Premium Analytics

  • Selected Group of Analytics to Optimize Ad Sales

  • Select Group of Analytics to Optimize Marketing & Promotional Campaigns 

Analytics Type
Advertising Analytics
Cross-Platform Incremental Reach & Frequency
Measure the linear, linear + digital, and digital only reach of your advertising or promotional campaign.
Advertising Analytics
Linear or Cross-Platform Tune-in Attribution
Measure the tune-in lift and attribution of your promotional campaign for linear only, or for each platform.
Advertising Analytics
Cross-Platform Website/App Attribution
Measure the attribution and lift of website visits or app downloads for any or all major platforms.
Audience Analytics
Audience Analysis
Measure the size and makeup of any program, network, or advertising audience.
Audience Analytics
Network Reach & Index
Your chosen Audience Indexed to the Top 100 Networks across various time segments such as day part, day of week, etc.
Audience Analytics
Daypart Reach & Index
Measure the reach and concentration of your audience by day parts throughout the day.
Audience Analytics
Geographic Reach & Index
Understand the reach and index of your audience per geographies and DMAs.
Viewership Analytics
Network Viewership
Your audience's top 100 watched Networks, along with share of viewing minutes and average ratings.
Viewership Analytics
Program Viewership 12 month Trend
The top 100 watched programs and program ratings on a monthly basis for the prior 12 months.
Share of Voice Analytics
Competitive TV Reach by Networks
An advertiser's total and by-network reach and TRPs for any target audience.
Premium Analytics
Ad Sales Bundle
A suite of analyses to plan, optimize and measure ad campaigns for any audience target or overall.
Premium Analytics
Marketing Bundle
A suite of analyses to target, plan, optimize, and measure the performance of promotional campaigns.
Custom Analytics
Customer Focused Bundle
Unique short and long-term analyses based on customer request.
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